Saudi Arabia contributes $100 mln to Global Coalition fighting ISIS

Saudi Arabia has contributed $100 million to the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, more specifically supporting stabilization projects in areas liberated from the terrorist group in northeast Syria.

This is the largest contribution to the coalition to date for these areas in specific, and it is an implementation of the pledge made by Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubeir during the July 12, 2018 Global Coalition Ministerial Conference in Brussels, which was hosted by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

This substantial contribution will play a critical role in the coalition’s efforts to revitalize communities such as Raqqa, that have been devastated by ISIS terrorists.

The funds will focus on projects to restore livelihoods and essential services in the areas of health, agriculture, electricity, water, education, transportation (key roads and bridges), and rubble removal.

In accordance with the Saudi Arabia’s contributions to date, this additional $100 million will help facilitate the return of displaced Syrians, and help ensure that ISIS does not reemerge to threaten Syria, its neighbors, or plan attacks against the international community.

This contribution is a continuum of the Kingdom’s efforts in the coalition, including, but not limited to, co-leading the Counter Finance Working Group and serving as a key member of the Communications and Stabilization Working Groups, as well as, flying the second highest number of missions in Syria after the United States.

The contribution represents the kingdom’s close partnership with the US and the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, which aims to promote a shared responsibility among all coalition partners to face regional threats together.

The coalition was formed in 2014, and includes 77 partner countries.


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