Daesh releases video threatening Iran for the first time

The Islamic State group threatened Iran for its role in the region’s conflicts, in a rare Farsi-language propaganda video released on Monday.

The 36-minute video was issued through IS’s social media channels from Diyala province in neighbouring Iraq. A masked man directs his message to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The video is titled “Persia between yesterday and today,” and along with the threats to attack Iran, the Islamic State also accuses Tehran of persecuting Sunnis who live in Iran.

The group alleges that more than 18,000 Sunnis living in Iran have been executed there since the 1979 revolution. “Execution by hanging is the preferred method of killing Sunnis in Iran,” the video claims.

“We will conquer Iran and restore it to the Sunni Muslim nation as it was before,” says a man in the video.

The video also chastises Iran for its tolerance towards Jews. “Iran raised its slogans against the US and Israel to deceive the Sunnis while Iranian Jews live safely in Iran under its protection, and it has provided them with temples and churches as seen in Tehran and Isfahan,” the narrator says.

Iran is deeply involved in both Iraq and Syria’s efforts to rout the Islamic State from those countries.

Source: realiran.org

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