Houthis declare ‘state of emergency’ in their stronghold of Saada’s Marran

A Yemeni military Source told Al Arabiya English that the Houthi militias declared a state of emergency in the areas of Marran in Saada governorate in northern Yemen after intensive raids by coalition aircraft targeting their positions, amid advances by the Yemeni national army.

Major General Abdulkarim al-Sudai, commander of a brigade in the Yemeni army, confirmed that his forces were controlling a strategic area in Marran in addition to side roads in the direction of Jabal Marran, and that the Houthi militias had suffered heavy losses.

On the border of the two districts of Abes-Hiran in Hajjah province, coalition fighters managed to target a Houthi militia site, killing 12 of them and destroying two military vehicles.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Yemeni army aided by the Arab coalition forces launched an intense offensive on the Houthis’ posts and fortifications in Marran in Saada, militia leader Abdel Malik al-Houthi’s stronghold.

Source: english.alarabiya.net

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