Yemeni army liberate new areas near Saada from Houthi control

Yemeni armed forces announced new advancements on the ground with the support of the Arab coalition after liberated several areas near Saad from Houthi militia control.

The leader of the Saada axis Brigadier General Obeid Al-Athlea said that the army forces in the Directorate of Kitaf carried out a military operation which enabled them to liberate Tibab Ajaj, Khashm Thayiq and Jabal al Barq al Ahmer in the area of Atafin in Kitaf.

He underlined that the battles resulted in important human and material casualties among the militias, and that dozens of Houthi corpses are scattered in the mountains after groups of the militia left their positions because of the fire of the army forces.

The Yemeni army, with the support of the coalition, continues to advance into strongholds controlled by the Houthis from five axes to fully tighten the grips over them and complete the emancipation of the province.

During the day, armed forces also arrested a drug trafficking group trying to penetrate the Saudi border in the Kitaf district of the Saada governorate.

The official website of the Yemeni army stated that the forces spotted the group trying to infiltrate the Yemeni-Saudi border in Kitaf next to Emart of Najran carrying more than 200 kilograms of hash.

They confirmed the arrest of five members of the gang, after exchanging clashes, while the rest took shelter in the far away mountains of Yemen.

According to the Yemeni army website, their forces impose full control over the Yemeni-Saudi border, through a tight security cordon that prevents the crossing of infiltrators, and helps their advancement towards the center of the Directorate of Kitaf in the Saada province.


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