Houthi militia founder killed in Maran, while coalition destroys weapons’ depot

Ali Hussein Sheiba Bazli, one of the founders of the Houthi militia, was killed in an attack in Maran, south of Saada, according to an update from Yemen.

Earlier, a Yemeni military source revealed that 13 members of the Houthi militia were killed and many others were injured in intense fighting on Friday between the Yemeni national army and the Iranian-backed militia at al-Malajim front north of al-Bayda governorate.

The source said that the fighting broke out on Friday morning after a group of Houthi militias tried to infiltrate into the positions of the army in al-Bayad junction of al-Malajim Front, killing 13 Houthis and injuring dozens. The bodies of the militias are still scattered around the area.

In another development, Arab coalition fighter jets launched an air strike targeting Houthi reinforcements, destroying a  fleet, killing all those on board, as well as destroying an arms depot, the source said.

Earlier, a prominent  Houthi leader , Abdullah Mohammed Ali al-Dulaimi, was killed in an air strike launched by the coalition in al-Maljim front in the province of al-Bayda.

Yemeni military sources also confirmed the killing of a number of Houthi field leaders on several fronts, including al-Durahmi district, which is a key strategic point to enter Hodeidah port city and al-Jawf, where the head of the Houthi operations in the West Coast was killed, along with other militia members.

Source: english.alarabiya.net

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