Army is preparing scenarios on liberation of the occupied territories

Large-scale exercises with the involvement of various military branches, special troops, Army Corpses and formations of the Azerbaijan Army started on Monday July 2.
The exercises will involve up to 20,000 military personnel, up to 120 tanks and other armored vehicles, more than 200 rocket and artillery mounts of different caliber, multiple launch rocket systems, and mortars, up to 30 army and front-line aviation for various purposes.
During the exercises that will last until 6th of July, the troops will fulfill the tasks on performing various military operations based on the modern experience of conducting combat operations, including delivering reliable rocket, artillery, bomb-assault strikes by high-accuracy systems, and aircraft’s and UAVs strikes on an imaginary enemy. The troops will also fulfill tasks on conducting large-scale offensive operations aimed at the liberation of the occupied territories in the course of the exercises.
At the internal meeting of the leadership of the Ministry of Defence, the Minister noted that during the exercises the main attention should be focused on the use of troops and the performance of combat missions under various scenarios for the liberation of the occupied territories, including the practical application of the most modern weapons and military equipment designed to destroy all enemy’s military infrastructure.


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