US arrests Israeli national who coached ISIS attackers online

US officials said Wednesday that a native Israeli woman living in Wisconsin coached potential ISIS attackers on how to cook up ricin and kept a library of books on making bombs, poisons and suicide vests.

The Justice Department charged Waheba Issa Dais with attempting to provide material support to ISIS after arresting the 45-year-old divorcee in Cudahy, Wisconsin on Wednesday.

She was said to be the first person in six months to be arrested on charges of supporting a violent extremist group.

Dais, a legal US resident since 1992, used a number of social media accounts, including accounts hijacked from others, to promote ISIS and facilitate recruitment, according to an indictment.

She maintained “a virtual library of instructions on how to make bombs, biological weapons, poisons and suicide vests” to assist ISIS supporters in plotting attacks.

She encouraged one person, apparently a law enforcement informant, on how to make the poison ricin and “suggested the individual introduce the ricin to a government post of water reservoirs,” it said.

She also allegedly suggested targets for bomb attacks including street festivals and other summer celebrations.


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