US ambassador to Yemen: Houthi militia’s rule is barbaric

The US ambassador to Yemen, Matthew Toler, said that the rule of the Houthi militia of the areas controlled by them is a brutal and barbaric rule for the Yemeni people.

 Toler said during an interview with the Egyptian newspaper Youm7, that the American side is witnessing daily violations of civil and human rights, accompanied by corrupt practices on a large scale by the Houthis.

The American envoy stressed that the Houthis should negotiate in good faith to reach a political method that respects the rights of all Yemenis.

The US Ambassador referred to reports confirming that the militias have committed human rights violations, along with widespread corruption practices.

He also criticized Iran’s support of the Houthis as a party with arms, in the face of the legitimate government, and expressed his country’s deep concern about the targeting of the civilian population in Saudi Arabia, stating that these acts can only prolong the crisis.




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