How Grand Mosque and Prophet’s Mosque are preparing for Ramadan

The General Presidency for the affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque began preparations for the holy month of Ramadan on Tuesday, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

More than 10,000 male and female employees will be available to follow up on work and monitor it during Ramadan, in addition to a large number of cleaners.

General President of Grand Mosque and Prophet’s Mosque Affairs Sheik Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Sudais said that the plan will be implemented on different areas related to services, administration, guidance, education, technical, financial and public relations.

The plan will be implemented by developing work, improving performance and rehabilitating human resources.

There will be 28 escalators in the Great Mosque of Mecca, four in the Prophet’s Mosque, 38 entrances for people with special needs and seven entrances for women, among other facilities.

The guidance service provided by the presidency will perform several tasks such as hold workshops, distribute Qurans and religious brochures and translate Friday sermons to a number of languages as well as into sign language.

All power supply lines have been prepared to make sure there is power 24/7.

Among the goals which this year’s plan aims to achieve is helping visitors and those performing umrah to smoothly perform religious rituals and guide them and preach them while providing them with all necessary services and facilitation.



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