Uber in Dubai changes base fares for trips

Dubai: Uber has announced that it its base fares for trips have changed.

In a notice emailed to customers, Uber explained that the change in the fare structure affected all UberSELECT and UberVIP trips in Dubai.

The fares of Uber trips previously fluctuated during peak hours but after the recent modifications, this means that all trips will now be subjected to a fluctuation in base fares at all times, depending on the time of day or if it is a public holiday.

“These changes will result in higher fares on some trips, while fares will be lower on other trips. The fare breakdown can be seen in the upfront pricing displayed prior to booking a ride,” said Uber.

The changes also include the per-minute and per-kilometer fare components, as well as the booking fee.

The current fare structure

Static base fare: Dh8

Distance: Dh1.83 per kilometre

Time: Dh0.5 per minute

Waiting charge: Dh0.5 per minute

Minimum fare: Dh17 (excluding booking fee of Dh3)

The new fare structure

Dynamic base fare: Dh5.4/Dh6.7/Dh10.6. Varies by day of week and time of day, and may change during public holidays.

Distance: Dh2.25 per kilometre

Time: Dh0.25 per minute

Waiting charges: Dh0.5 per minute

Minimum fare: Dh15 (excluding booking fee of Dh5)



Source gulfnews.com

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