Taxi launches Brake Plus system in Dubai

RTA’s Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has recently fitted taxicabs with a four-way flasher system that automatically operates once the driver applies the brake to slow down or suddenly stop.

The system alerts trailing drivers to slow down and prompts them to leave a safety distance to avoid potential accidents resulting from rear end collision.

Dr. Yousef Mohammed Al Ali, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation, said, “The Brake Plus system reduces the potential rear end collision by as much as 50%. Most collision accidents are avoidable if the trailing driver has a one-second notice. The driver would also have a 70% higher chance to notice the sudden stop of the vehicle in front when seeing the flashing lights.

This initiative epitomizes the strategic drive of the Dubai Government to curb traffic accidents.

It is also part of DTC strategic plan to introduce modern technologies in taxicabs, which in turn will improve the traffic safety and reduce the number of accidents.

Overall, it will enhance the level of taxi service to bring it in line with the highest standards adopted by advanced countries.

To this effect, an agreement was made with the Gulf Auto Safety Trading LLC to install the system in 400 cabs over a year on a trial base.

The system can then be generalized to cover the entire Dubai Taxi fleet.

Reducing accidents sustained by taxicabs as a result of the Brake Plus system is expected to increase the productivity of the DTC through reducing the number of non-operational cabs under repair.

The DTC attaches top priority to the safety of customers and maximizing their satisfaction in line with RTA’s vision of providing Safe and Smooth Transport for All, added Al Ali.


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