Saudi Arabia expresses support for US-led strikes on Syria

Saudi Arabia has expressed support for the US-led air strikes on chemical weapons facilities in Syria.

“We fully support military operations against military targets in Syria,” the Saudi Foreign Ministry said in a statement, on Saturday.

According to a source in the ministry, he said that the military operations were in response to the Syrian regime’s continued use of internationally banned chemical weapons against innocent civilians, including children and women, in continuation of its heinous crimes committed against the Syrian people for years.

The source also held the Syrian regime responsible for Syria’s exposure to these military operations, in light of the failure of the international community to take strict measures against the regime.

Similarly, the Bahrain Foreign ministry has also expressed support for the precision strikes on military targets belonging to the Syrian regime.

In a statement the ministry said: “The military operation was necessary to protect civilians and stop chemical use.”

President Donald Trump announced late Friday that a joint US-British-French operation had been launched on Syria, targeting the “criminal” regime of Bashar al-Assad and saying an alleged chemical attack had marked a “significant escalation.”



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