Worker attacks supervisor over 3-day salary deduction in Dubai, jailed

His supervisor had filed a report against him after he left the construction site without permission.

A 35-year-old worker, who attacked his supervisor with a stick in Dubai, has been found guilty of physical assault and causing permanent bodily harm charges.

The Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced the Bangladeshi worker to three months in jail and ordered his deportation at the end of his jail term.

The worker was angry after three days of pay had been deducted from his salary following a report filed by the victim.

The supervisor had filed a report over the worker abruptly leaving the construction site without permission.

The worker had earlier denied injuring the supervisor intentionally .

The Indian supervisor, 46, said he was at the construction site on January 28, 2017, in Business Bay.

“Around noon, the defendant ran away from the site without taking permission, which prompted me to file a report against him. Three days were consequently deducted from the worker’s salary,” the complainant recounted adding, “around 10:30 am on January 30, 2017 – while I was at the same site – I was surprised by the worker approaching me, holding a stick. He first hit me hard on my leg and then on my back. I hurt my hand while trying to protect myself from his blows,” the supervisor told the prosecutor.

During public prosecution investigation, the worker said he tried to take permission to leave the site, but in vain, and went home regardless.

When he learned about the salary cut about two days later, he attacked the supervisor with a stick he found on the site. He hit him on the leg, back and right arm. A worker intervened and took him away.

A medical report revealed that the victim is in pain and is facing difficulty in moving his fingers because of the assault.



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