UAE: Wife says husband took her loan to marry another woman

A woman claims she took out a Dhs500,000 loan to support her husband’s business – only for him to use the money to marry a second wife and buy a luxury car.

The 27-year-old Emirati says the situation has left her in serious debt. She was giving evidence as she asked a family affairs court judge in Al Ain to end the marriage to her husband.

She testified: “I was so much in love with my husband and he had convinced me to borrow Dhs500,000 from the bank.

“He told me he had a joint business venture with a friend in another city in the emirates and that he was going to use the cash to boost their business.”

The woman, who has two children with her husband, said her family was also supposed to profit from the venture.

But several months after taking out the loan, she said she began to wonder what was happening with the company, which she knew little about.

She told the judge that her husband would give short answers that “it was progressing” and they would make a good income, without going into any detail.

Soon afterwards she said she discovered her husband had married another woman – and squandered the money.

“I was shocked when I later found out that he didn’t actually invest the cash in the said business but instead he had used it to marry a second wife,” she said.

The woman added her husband also used part of the money to buy an expen­sive car. She did not specify the make.

The wife said she should be granted a divorce on the grounds she was deceived by her husband and that she can not be with him anymore.

She also told the judge she plans to file a legal case to recover the Dhs500,000 so she can settle her debts.

The hearing was adjourned to allow the court to consider the case.

Author: Patrick Ryan


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