UAE Minister Gargash: Clear evidence of Iranian intervention in Yemen

The UAE’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Anwar al-Gargash, said on Wednesday that as time goes by the evidence of Iranian intervention in Yemen has become clearer.

Making his statements on Twitter, Gargash reaffirmed the correct decision taken by Saudi Arabia to intervene in Yemen. He also stressed that the UAE is living up to its role in the Arab Coalition.

On this he said: “Our sons’ sacrifices are for the future of their country and the whole region.”

About the intervention in Yemen, Gargash said: “There is no doubt that this is a difficult test, but it is a must. The end goal is clear and strategic, and it is to achieve security and stability in the Arab peninsula for generations to come.”

The minister continued: “To achieve this strategic goal, the Riyadh-led Arab Coalition in undertaking important political, military, humanitarian and security missions, through which, we will accomplish our goal of a stable and flourishing Yemen acting in its natural environment.”



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