Courts hand sentences to 1,349 detainees

Judicial rulings were issued against more than 1,349 security detainees in General Directorate of Investigation (GDI) prisons, and there are still nearly 3,966 detainees whose cases the judiciary and investigative authorities are still considering.

The GDI is following up more than 5,315 detainees in security cases affecting the security of the country of more than 35 Arabs, Westerners, Africans, and Asians, including more than 4,287 Saudis, 380 Yemenis, 177 Syrians, 28 Sundanese and 64 Egyptians.

The Kingdom’s security has also been targeted by four Iranians, 51 Pakistanis, 19 Indians, 23 Palestinians, seven displaced, and eight of unidentified nationality.

On the other hand, assistant public prosecutors, and prosecutors in the GCC countries agreed to make the prisons of GDI a model and an example for all future scenarios in this field in its judicial and penal institutions.

This comes after a visit by assistants of the general directorates of prisons on the sidelines of their ninth meeting held in Riyadh to acquaint them with what is offered by the GDI for prisoners in reform programs and services that do not exist in any other similar prisons in the world.

Assistants said that what they have “seen in directorate’s prison is not only a pioneering experiment, but also a pride for the Kingdom in providing an integrated innovative model that will remain as origin, example, and a measurement of all future scenarios globally in this field in its judiciary and penal institutions.”
They asserted that the GDI has established an advanced status in the field of reform and evaluation that takes into account all aspects of humanity.

Gulf prosecutors met with the administration and witnessed detailed explanations of how the prison administration works; then they had a tour inside the prison and saw high potentialities provided for prisoners.

There are 11 offices of various government sectors inside the prison in order to provide social services for prisoners and their families.

These offices were established to facilitate the prisoner’s follow-up of his private issues and to receive his complaints, if found.

The GDI cooperates with foreign parties that do not have offices inside the prison, such as National Commission for the Care of Inmates, Released Prisoners and Their Families (Trahom) to grant families of foreign prisoners visit visas, and provide international ticketing, accommodations and transport, enabling them to reside for a month at the Kingdom’s expense. They also can perform Umrah before leaving the country.

The GDI offers a convenient place for sleep, taking into account the inmate’s privacy, medical care through specialized clinics, and programs which allow prisoners to continue their education as well.


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