Yemeni army liberates areas in al-Jawf governorate

Yemeni army forces have liberated several areas in the Bart al-Anan District, northwest of al-Jawf governorate, which is adjacent to Saada, the major stronghold of Houthi militias on the Jawf front.

Commander of the First Brigade Brigadier Haykal Hantaf said the Yemeni army liberated the areas of Eafi, Quaif and al-Tamr in addition to the strategic Habash mountain which overlooks several important roads such as al-Jawf, Saada and the international roads and the road that links the Khob and Al-Shaaf districts with Bart al-Anan District.

He also said that army forces will continue to advance to liberate whatever is left of the district, adding that Houthis suffered huge losses as battles have killed and injured a number of Houthi fighters while several fighters fled.

The Yemeni army, aided by the Arab coalition air force, seized control of the strategic Shawkan Mountain and the Shaman Mountain which overlooks the Quaif area on Wednesday and captured 15 Houthi fighters.

Meanwhile, local sources said there are divisions among the ranks of the Houthi militia in Al-Masloub District in Al-Jawf, adding that some commanders have withdrawn and abstained from participating in the Houthis’ battles due to “treason.”

More than 25 Houthi members, including commanders, withdrew and accused the Houthis of involving innocent people in fake battles and called for handing over the members who planted mines in Al-Masloub and which killed and injured civilians.



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