Houthi militia commander, fighters surrender to Yemeni army

Military sources in Hays district, south of al-Hodeidah governorate, said Houthi commander Ibrahim Aathabo, who is stationed at the western coast, and 50 other fighters surrendered to the National Army and Popular Resistance forces on Saturday.

Aathabo and the fighters surrendered after fierce battles with the army in Hays.

Aathabo was a gang leader and was sentenced to death, but Houthis released him in exchange of fighting for them.

Meanwhile, other sources reported that Yemeni army forces captured two prominent Houthi leaders, Fayez Omar Ali Abdo al-Qadam and al-‘Uzzi Mohammed Ibrahim al-Shajaf, when they arrived with reinforcements from al-Mahwit to militias stationed at the west coast front.

Al-Qadam and Al-Shajaf are prominent Houthi leaders in the Malhan district in al-Mahwit, north of Yemen, whose tasks included mobilizing and recruiting people to fight alongside the Houthis.


Source    english.alarabiya.net

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