King Salman of Saudi Arabia determined to fight corruption

King Salman of Saudi Arabia said on Wednesday that his country is keen on confronting corruption in a “fair and firm” manner and on enabling the private sector to become a partner in development.

“We have decided, with God’s help, to confront it with fairness and firmness so that our country can enjoy the renaissance and development that every citizen aspires for,” he said during a televised address to the consultative Shura Council.

“Thus was our order to form a higher committee for public corruption issues headed by the crown prince, and thanks be to God that those are a few [people].

“We strive to develop the present, build a future and move forward with modernisation”

In November, Saudi Arabia launched an anti-corruption campaign that led to the detention of former and current high-ranking government officials, princes and tycoons.

The king said that corruption was one of the main threats to economic development.

He also said that Saudi Arabia will continue on its Vision 2030 path of economic reforms to find new sources of revenue.



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