“CSTO will not help, if Azerbaijan starts war”

The Center on Globalization and Regional Cooperation presented the results of the poll, held in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.

According to the Head of the Centre, Stepan Grigoryan, the poll was held in Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor, Vayk, Yeghegnadzor and even in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan – in Khoojavend (Martuni).

According to lragir.am, 900 people were interviewed from June 1 to September 1 in 2017. This survey showed that half of the respondents (50,67 percent) consider that accession to EAEU has adversely affected Armenia. While 45,33 percent are convinced that EAEU has positively impacted the life of the country.

23 percent of interviewees think that economic deterioration is related to EAEU, but 37 percent do not associate it with the accession to the European Economic Union.

Only a third (34,33 percent) of Armenians call Russia their real ally. 30,56 percent provided a negative response to this question and 35,11 percent only partially consider Russia their ally.

40 percent of Armenians are sure that close relations with Russia impede their relations with EU, 29,6 percent think the opposite. A similar number of people (29 percent) think that relations with Russia only partially impede the relations between Armenia and EU.

The respondents were also asked about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Russia’s influence on its settlement and about CSTO and security of Armenia.

56 percent of interviewees are sure in Russia’s negative impact on the settlement of this conflict, 40 percent assess the impact positively.

Only 15 percent responded positively to the question if CSTO is providing the security for Armenia. 41 percent of Armenians said it is not.

Only 31 percent responded positively to the question if CSTO helps Armenia in case Azerbaijan starts a war. 63,4 percent took an opposite view.

Armenians are upset that their country refused to sign “association agreement” with EU. 78 percent reacted negatively to this and only 20,5 percent reacted positively. The intensification of relations between Armenia and US was well received by 88,6 percent of Armenians. And the possibility of a membership in EU was positively assessed by 58 percent of interviewees.


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