Ilham Aliyev: Azerbaijan is the homeland of the peoples living in the country

According to Trend, the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev stated that Azerbaijan is the homeland of all peoples living in the country, during a meeting with members of the public of Balaken district after being shown the “ABAD Center” on Wednesday.

“What makes me happy most is that people living in the Balaken district are patriotic and bound to the Motherland. Representatives of many peoples living in Azerbaijan from time immemorial live in Balaken as one family, in the spirit of fraternity, friendship, good-neighborliness, and this is our greatest asset. The excellent atmosphere existing on national and religious grounds in Azerbaijan is of interest for many countries, and our experience is being studied today. Our policy is clear and open, Azerbaijan is the homeland of all peoples living in our country. Our solidarity, national diversity is our greatest asset. It is no coincidence that the past year was declared the “Year of Multiculturalism” in Azerbaijan. I believe that such an initiative has first been put forward in Azerbaijan. In fact, it was more of a message abroad that it is possible for the representatives of different nations to live and build together in the spirit of friendship and good neighborliness, and everyone can see it on the example of Azerbaijan. And this year is the Year of Islamic Solidarity. This is also a new call. Because there are neither problems with multiculturalism nor with Islamic solidarity in Azerbaijan. We simply send a message, so to speak, we show the way that all Muslim nations unite so that there are no confrontations among them, and we see that this can be achieved the example of Azerbaijan, “said the head of state.

As noted by President Ilham Aliyev, Azerbaijan is a part of a great geography, part of the Caucasus, the Caucasus is a single organism.

“There have been historical ties among all the peoples living in the Caucasus, kinship ties, fraternity and friendship. I think that Azerbaijan has become a very significant country for the Caucasus. Therefore, there are excellent results in this sphere in Balaken, as well as in the economic, social, agricultural and processing spheres. The district is becoming more beautiful day by day, it is being improved, the number of tourists is increasing. I will give additional instructions in connection with the development of the district upon my return to Baku, so that the unrealized projects will be implemented soon, and that we meet in regular openings” the Azerbaijani President said.


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