Dubai: Emirati housewife was kidnapped and raped

A jobless man has been accused of kidnapping a housewife, forcing her into his car, turning physically violent with her and threatening to kill her before he raped her.

The 40-year-old Emirati housewife was allegedly in a car with her countryman with whom she had just been friends through Snapchat two weeks before the incident. When the Emirati friend reached Al Twar area, according to records, the 36-year-old suspect, from Comoros Islands, stopped them, took the friend aside and chatted with him while the housewife waited inside the car in December. Then the jobless man dragged the woman out of the car, forced her into his vehicle and drove off to another area.

The 36-year-old was then believed to have asked the woman for sex but when she refused, he turned physically violent with her and raped her. He also threatened to kill her if she did not surrender herself to him and satisfy his lust.

After raping her, the man dropped the housewife back to her own car. She returned to her house shortly after sunrise and told her brothers what had happened. They reported the matter to the police at 7am.

Primary interrogations led to the arrest of the 36-year-old man.

The prosecutors charged the suspect with kidnapping, assault and rape. The suspect entered a not guilty plea at the Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday. He told the presiding judge Mohammad Jamal: “I didn’t do anything to her. She came on her own and by her own will … but I didn’t do anything to her.”

“You didn’t rape her, or you had consensual sex with her, or you didn’t sleep with her at all?” presiding judge Jamal asked the suspect.

“I didn’t touch her at all and nothing happened between us … I didn’t threaten her as well,” replied the suspect.

The housewife testified to prosecutors that the incident occurred two weeks after her countrywoman had introduced her to an Emirati male friend.

“We chatted on Snapchat for a while and then we exchanged numbers and used to communicate. On the night when the incident happened, my friend called me up at 3.30am and said he wanted to see me … I parked my car in Al Twar area and he came and picked me up. He drove for a bit and then parked in front of a house, which he claimed to be the suspect’s residence. The 36-year-old then came, forced me out of my friend’s car and into his vehicle. He drove away, and stopped near a house. When I refused to have sex with him, he beat me hard and banged my head on the car window. Then he threatened to kill me before he removed my dress and raped me. After he finished, he asked me to dress up and drove towards Al Mamzar area where he called someone who brought him liquor. I refused to drink when he asked me to do so … then he asked me why I had consumed alcohol with the Emirati friend and not with him. Then he dropped me back to my car. I informed my brothers what had happened and then we reported the police,” she claimed to prosecutors.

A police lieutenant testified to prospectors that the suspect alleged that he only drove the car with the housewife for two hours and nothing happened.

“After he was summoned for questioning, the 36-year-old alleged that the 40-year-old begged him not to expose her in front of her brothers after he had seen her in the car with the Emirati friend after midnight. He claimed that they only drove around,” he claimed to prosecutor.

The trial continues.


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