Azerbaijani army conducts air defense drills in Nakhchivan – video

The formations and units of the Azerbaijani army located in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic conducted tactical air defense drills with live firing.

As reported on the website of the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan, the drills involving other special units of anti-aircraft missile forces, air defense and artillery were launched at the “alarm” signal with a response to the attacks of a conditional enemy from the air.

The air defense units, which provide protection from an air attack during the deployment of infantry units, marched to the deployment areas, taking up firing and starting positions.

After the units got the military task, it was decided to assess the situation and simulate the coordination of air defense operations with defensive tasks. The attack of the conditional enemy on the units redeploying during the march was repelled, providing a safe deployment for the structures.

Shooting on the move was performed at the stage of live firing and also after taking up the positions. The air and ground targets of the conditional enemy were destroyed by a mobile anti-aircraft missile system “Strela 3” and 23 mm anti-aircraft guns. The drills also involved 120-mm grenade launchers.


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