Saudi Arabia isolated Iran regionally and globally

Saudi Arabia has isolated Iran regionally and globally soon after the Riyadh summit, during which a new international alliance against terrorism and the Tehran regime was formed, said Iranian political writer and analyst Abdur Rahman Mahabadi.

Mahabadi, who is also an Iranian Opposition leader, said that everyone agreed before the presidential elections in Iran that the regime was weakening day by day, especially after Khamenei failed to make Ibrahim Raisi the president.

The entire world knows that that this regime became weaker than the past when Hasan Rouhani became president for the second time. This coincided with the formation of the international alliance in the Kingdom against terrorism and the Tehran regime. This was another proof that this regime has become isolated regionally and internationally. This happened following the Arab-Islamic-American summit in Riyadh in which US President Donald Trump, and heads and representatives of 54 Arab and Islamic countries had participated.

Mahabadi said that the supporters of the Iranian resistance had influenced the elections by making all efforts to boycott the elections. The aim of the resistance was to boycott the elections. In addition, it was seeking to oust the regime and replace it with a truly elected government, headed by Maryam Rajawi, the resistance-picked presidential candidate. This had posed a major challenge to the government, which had put its troops on high alert.

The formation of the regional and international alliance against the Iranian regime’s interference in the region, and the active struggle for regime change by the resistance forces inside the country could ignite a large-scale popular uprising. Mahabadi further said that Khamenei’s acceptance of Rouhani was nothing but a compromise to avoid an uprising. But will the people be appeased? That is the question on everyone’s lips.

He said that the Iranian people would never forget the treacheries and crimes committed by the cronies of Rafsanjani, Khatami, Rouhani and other such leaders against the people and the entire region, particularly Iraq and Syria. The Tehran regime, in fact, is inching closer to a disgraceful fall. Resistance is building against it by forces outside Iran as well as by people in the country, he said.

The Iranian opposition leader said that the resistance was scheduled to hold its massive annual conference in Paris on July 1. This would highlight the achievements of the resistance now as compared with those made in previous years.

He emphasized that the support for the resistance was a major requirement to bring stability, peace, and a culture of good neighborly relations in the region. The cohesiveness among the people of the region is required. There is no other way to restore stability in the region other than overthrowing the Iranian regime, he said.


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