Gevorg Melikyan: “Armenia is an inadequate sociopath afraid of neighbors and has no friends”

Associated expert of the Armenian Institute of International Relations and Security Gevorg Melikyan believes that “Armenia behaves as a political and economic sociopath afraid of almost any serious step, long-term plans and neighbors.”

It is planned to sign a partnership agreement between Armenia and the European Union in November. Can Armenia again refuse to sign? Melikyan is sure that in case of refusal the country will be in an even more difficult situation.

“I want to note that very few people who are familiar with the text of the agreement, therefore, discussions about the content cannot be effective” “Aravot” informs. Considering the meetings and discussions with different experts, political and state figures, we can conclude that the new document takes into account Armenia’s obligations towards the EAEU and the limitations resulting from it.

Realizing also some of its strategic mistakes, the EU reciprocated Armenia, already more clearly seeing that Armenia was and continues to be under the direct influence of Russia, and geopolitical, even internal political issues, unfortunately, are being coordinated with Moscow. There is no possibility of free action and effective freedom in decision-making.

Moscow is gradually increasing the use of “soft power” to reduce the level of EU and US influence in the region and, in particular, in Armenia and the country will find itself in a difficult situation, if it this time refuses to sign.”

Melikyan states that the closure of the OSCE office in Yerevan upset Armenia only because it was caused by the veto of Azerbaijan.

“The political elite of Armenia was not particularly upset because of the closure of the OSCE office. For them and for others, the problem is probably that the office was closed at the initiative of Azerbaijan. Armenia has long ceased to be a country of democratic processes.”

The Russian co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group, Igor Popov, recently said that the mediators managed to agree with Baku and Yerevan on increasing the number of international observers. According to Gevorg Melikyan, this issue is relevant for Armenia, “that wants to play for time to preserve the status quo and also because of the uncertainty in the conflict settlement.”

“For Azerbaijan, such issues at bilateral meetings are the topic of discussions, and nothing more. From time to time Azerbaijan’s rhetoric becomes tougher, and this is due to Armenia’s indecisiveness, coordination of any detail with Russia, the weak legitimacy of power, the suspension of democratic processes and other circumstances.

Nor should the entire burden of foreign policy and the course of the conflict fall on the shoulders of a soldier standing on the border. It is not clear what Armenia has been negotiating with Azerbaijan for more than 20 years.

Even if investigative mechanisms are applied, this will not have a significant impact on the settlement process itself. In Armenia, the propaganda rhetoric and accusations against Azerbaijan will only intensify.”

The expert believes that Armenia has little to decide on the issue of the Karabakh conflict settlement.

“The control, one way or another, is in the hands of Moscow. Armenia should want to take the control again and act as a sovereign and ambitious state. To achieve this, a number of comprehensive steps are needed in the most crucial areas, from education to military affairs and foreign policy, as well as the change of the main actors in the political elite, so that radically new approaches and new strategic concepts can be introduced.

For the United States, not only Armenia, but also the South Caucasus, have never been a priority. Even oil-rich Azerbaijan and pro-American Georgia could not make Washington change its strategy in the South Caucasus.

Armenia behaves like a political and economic “sociopath”, which is afraid of almost any serious steps, long-term plans, neighbors and different ideas. Today, Armenia does not have real friends, on the one hand, because of fear, on the other hand because of vanity, lack of adequacy. However, it must face the challenges in order to become a modern state and a nation.”


Translation: The Great Middle East 

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