Carcinogenic products came to Qatar from Iran

Iranian goods have begun appearing in the Qatari market for the first time since the Kingdom, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt severed relations with Doha. Photographs from inside the Qatari stores have gone viral on social media, showing Iranian goods which otherwise were never seen by Qataris.

Iranian products are known to have natural poisons and of being carcinogenic. Iranian products are often seen as unfit for consumption by countries and warnings are issued in this regard.

Iraq is another country where Iran sought to flood its rotting foodstuff. The Iraqi authorities, along with health experts, had intensified their inspection campaign against Iranian food and had confiscated huge amounts of decaying provisions. Cities like Baquba were most affected, besides several other Iraqi provinces.

The demand for stopping the inflow of Iranian food into Iraq grew day by day. However, cheap Iranian food continued to flow in, leading to the deaths of tens of Iraqi children.

Over the years after the American occupation of Iraq, Iranian businessmen began trading in “expired” food items after manipulating the dates mentioned on them. And they sold them cheap.

Such Iranian traders are often supported by militias loyal to Iran and political personalities. Surveillance agencies are aware of this fact, but choose to ignore them due to their influence with the previous Iraqi government. Iraqi Twitterati have been urging the Iraqi government to sign contracts with international inspection agencies to inspect the Iranian goods before they enter Iraq.


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