7 men sentenced to death for raping 13-year-old impaired boy in Kuwait

A gang of seven men are facing execution in Kuwait after abducting and raping a 13-year-old disabled boy.

The assault that happened in September last year was filmed by the gang who then threatened the victim that they would put the video online if he told anyone.

According to The Sun, the gang were initially sentenced to 10 years in prison, however an appeal court overturned that ruling leaving the fate of the seven men in the hands of the supreme court.

That sentence could now be upgraded to death by hanging.

Six of convicts have been identified as four Kuwaitis, a Yemeni, an Iraqi and one other convict has no known nationality.

Executions in Kuwait are rare and only 80 men and woman have received the death penalty in the past 50 years.

In Saudi Arabia, a disabled man is set to be beheaded after a court upheld a death sentence against him.

Munir Adam, 23, is deaf and visually impaired and has been sentenced to death for taking part in a protest.

Adam has just one more opportunity to appeal the decision before the King signs his death warrant.

Source: newshub.co.nz

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