Kuwait: Woman laughs and films housemaid falling from window – Video

A Kuwait woman laughed as she filmed her housekeeper hanging from a seventh storey window moments before she slipped.

See video here.

“Hold me, hold me” an Ethiopian maid screamed in a 12 second video taken last Thursday by a homeowner who could be heard laughing in the background as the woman frantically clung to an outside window ledge.

“Oh, crazy, come back,” the homeowner said before the woman lost her grip and fell seven storeys onto a metal awning.

She survived the plunge and was rushed to hospital with a broken arm, Hope For Nigeria Online reports.

The housekeeper had reportedly been trying to escape after she was imprisoned in the home for two days for trying to terminate her employment, Kuwait’s al-Qabas News reports.

Police arrested the homeowner and prosecutors are trying to determine if she will be charged for failing to help.

After the maid fell the homeowner reportedly posted the Snapchat online where it went viral on Arabic social media.

Source: 9news.com.au

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