Turkey: Man killed 5 family members after they disapproved his marriage

A man in the southern province of Adana shot five of his relatives dead after they disapproved his marriage, later killing himself after informing the police on May 3, Doğan News Agency has reported.

Denizhan Dener, a 38-year-old medical personnel, invited his relatives to Adana’s Seyhan district for a ceremony where he would ask his girlfriend’s family for her hand in marriage.

Dener’s aunt Nursen Metin, her husband İsmet Metin, a former governor, their daughter Senem Metin, his other aunt, Gönül Cengiz, and her son Suphi Cengiz arrived at his house in the Kurtuluş neighborhood.

The family members reportedly started arguing after they disapproved his marriage to his girlfriend ahead of their visit to her family.

The altercation grew further after the relatives insisted on their disapproval of the girlfriend.

Dener later killed all his family members, calling the police to inform that he committed murder before killing himself with the last bullet.

Police officers who arrived at the house tried to open the door but failed to do so at first. After managing to break into the house they found six people lying dead on the floor.

Dener’s girlfriend arrived in Adana from the neighboring Hatay province after being informed about the murder. Her relatives tried to calm her down as she had a nervous breakdown.

Meanwhile, police officers said the gun found in Dener’s hand belonged to another man.

The bodies of the victims were taken to the Forensic Institute Morgue of Adana for autopsy.

Source: hurriyetdailynews.com

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