Man raped brothers aged 16 and 12 in Dubai

Two brothers aged 16 and 12 were raped by a farmer who threatened to post naked photos of them online and forced them to steal cash from their father.

The older victim told Dubai Crimnal Court he met the Pakistani defendant, 34, in September last year.

“He was often in our neighbourhood in Al Rashidiya. We chatted a few times then met often,” said the Pakistani teenager. “One day he took me in his car for a visit to the park, he asked me to have sex and offered me Dh20. When I said no, he beat me up,” said the victim.

He added that he was abused several times by the defendant after which he was threatened and beaten about the head and face. On one occasion he saw the farmer filming him with his phone while he was naked.

“He threatened to post the recording on the internet if I did not film my younger brother naked. I felt scared and did what he asked then sent him the recording,” said the student.

After he received the recording, the defendant began to threaten the younger brother.

“I met him and asked him to delete the recording but he refused,” said the 12-year-old, who was raped five times by the farmer who forced the brothers to steal money from their father.

In January this year, the boys’ father noticed that money was going missing and questioned his family.

“I told my father everything. He then took me and my brother to the police station and reported the incident,” said the younger boy.

Police arrested the defendant on January 29 in Al Khawaneej.

“He was tense and scared and admitted to having sex with the brothers but told us that he didn’t force them,” said a police lieutenant.

The officer added that during questioning, the farmer said he paid the brothers between Dh20-Dh40 each time he abused them but denied forcing them to steal cash from their father.

“He told us that they brought him money but he never knew they were stealing it and that he didn’t ask them to do so,” said the officer.

Eleven nude pictures of the boys were found on the defendant’s phone. He appeared in court to face charges including raping minors, abusing minors in pornographic material by recording them naked, making a sex recording of the brothers, possessing child pornography, abusing telecommunication to assault the privacy of the siblings, threatening his victims, physically assaulting them and forcing them to steal.
The next hearing will be on May 21.

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