Abu Dhabi: Man was tied up, beaten, burned with boiling water

A man in Abu Dhabi was beaten unconscious, tied up in chains and had boiling water poured over his body, according to police.

Abu Dhabi Police said the recent attack occurred when two Asian men lured the victim, who was from the Gulf States, and beat him with metal objects until he fell unconscious. The victim was then driven to a remote area and abandoned in chains.

In a statement, Colonel Tariq Al Ghoul, deputy director of the Abu Dhabi Police investigation department, said the victim was able to contact the operation room to report the assault.

A team of security patrols was immediately dispatched to the scene of the incident and the victim was transferred for treatment.

Col. Al Ghoul said that officers examined the scene of the crime, and also collected evidence and data about the victim.

“Police also collected data about the victim’s acquaintances, friends and colleagues. After thoroughly investigating the details of the case, officers were able to identify the perpetrator and his place of residence,” he said.

During the investigation, the suspect then confessed and was arrested with his accomplice.

Source: gulfnews.com

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