Ilham Aliyev called on Azerbaijanis living abroad to help their Motherland

“You know that we are doing a lot to solve the problems of Azerbaijanis living abroad.”

This was stated by the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev at the republican meeting of non-oil exporters in Yevlakh.

Azerbaijan is one of the few countries in which the diaspora congress is traditionally held. We provide them with political support and create new opportunities for business. They also must actively participate in these issues. As far as I’m concerned, they actively join our efforts. Azerbaijanis living abroad, especially our compatriots living in the CIS, are also engaged in business and have great opportunities. They must actively work there to expand their business opportunities and, at the same time, to help the Motherland. This work has begun and our government structures are working on it. I invite the diaspora to take part in this work too, because the diaspora has large trading networks. They import products from different countries of the world. Let them import even more from Azerbaijan, especially taking into account that now our opportunities are expanding” he said.


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