Dubai Ruler Sheikh Mohammed calls on Arab youth to evolve

Dubai Ruler Sheikh Mohammed has urged Arab youth to evolve, adapt and learn to keep pace with a transforming world.

In an open letter to the Arab youth in the inaugural issue of “Popular Science Arabia” magazine, he said: “We live in a time of rapid changes, monumental achievements and profound knowledge and discoveries. It is imperative that we evolve, adapt and learn at the same pace as our world is transforming. Above all, we must learn in our own language and within our own culture.”

He underlined that Arabic is capable to absorb and adapt to the modern sciences and discoveries.

“Our Arabic language has always been one of learning and science; it will not fail to absorb and adapt to the sciences and discoveries of our day. It can go even further to create superior technical terms that better represent modern inventions and developments.”

He urged the people of the region to seize the initiative of scientific discoveries.

“Waiting can come with a hefty price tag of wasted time and missed opportunities. The time is ripe for scientific discoveries – seize the day and aspire to create new opportunities for knowledge and invention.

“Our ancestors built one of the most prominent civilisations in history: our youth are more than capable of restoring and advancing our cultural eminence,” Sheikh Mohammed said.


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