Dubai: Man accused of secretly filming woman in fitting room

A worker has been accused of secretly filming a woman in the fitting room of a garment store.

In February, the 25-year-old Sri Lankan worker allegedly placed his phone under the door of the fitting room when the 34-year-old Emirati woman was trying out a pair of trousers.

When the woman realised that someone was filming her from under the door, she yelled and the person immediately pulled away his hand and fled.

The woman claimed that she stayed inside the fitting room for five minutes before she walked out and called the police.

Prosecutors accused the worker of breaching the woman’s privacy and molesting her.

He pleaded guilty before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Tuesday.

The woman testified to prosecutors that she went to try some sports outfits at a shopping centre. “While I was present in the fitting room I saw a hand carrying a mobile phone that was in video mode under the door. I shouted at the person who was filming … then I went out after five minutes. Police came and apprehended the worker who was gazing at me fearfully from the other side of the shop,” she claimed.

A ruling will be heard on June 11.


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