Why was this Russian blonde fascinated with Assad? – Photos

Maryana Naumova expresses her admiration for Bashar al Assad by wearing a watch with a picture of him wrapped around her wrist.


She visited Syria many times hoping to meet him, and failed to do so. She returned to her country Russia without clarifying the reasons why she failed to meet Syrian President Bashar al Assad.

The Russian powerlifter champion visited Damascus before the Russian military intervention in the year 2015 and met with all the officials of the Assad regime, such as the Mufti Ahmed Badr al-Din Hassoun, the Baath Party official Hilal al-Hilal, President of the Sports Federation General Muwaffaq Juma, and the first lady Asma al-Akhras.


She also met with Assad’s ambassador to Moscow, Riadh Haddad and took pictures with him.


Without any detailed information on the date of her second visit to Damascus, the Russian powerlifter champion told media outlets in her country that she had finally finished her second visit to Damascus.

She secretly revealed that she landed in Beirut International Airport, and was received by Hezbollah militants who escorted her to Damascus. Adding that the Hezbollah fighters drove her in a large car to the Syrian Capital.


On April 26, the Russian champion published a picture of her with some soldiers of the regime in Aleppo on her Facebook page.

Maryana’s admiration for Assad is so great that she claimed that the Syrian children who became orphans, after Assad killed their parents, refer to him as “`father”` and to his wife as “`mother.”`

Source: english.alarabiya.net

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