Face of moderate Islam by King Salman

Maman Imanulhaq, deputy secretary general of the central leadership board of the National Awakening Party, or PKB, said King Salman bin Abdul Aziz al Saud of Saudi Arabia presents the face of moderate Islam during his visit to Indonesia.

Maman said King Salman’s visit will boost efforts to curb radicalism and terrorism in the archipelago, which has seen a recent upsurge in such activities.

“[King Salman’s presence] shows that Islam is not a violent religion and that it is not identical with radicalism and terrorism,” Maman said on Sunday (05/03).

On a separate occasion, Achmad Baidlowi, deputy secretary general of the central leadership board of the United Development Party (PPP), said Indonesia should embody moderate Islam.

He said Islam is peaceful and connects deeply with the tolerant nature of the Indonesian people.

“What King Salman has conveyed in his visit to Indonesia, aside from strengthening diplomatic the relationship between the two nations, is the need to strengthen the brotherhood between the Islamic congregations in the two countries,” Achmad said.

“The recent acts of radicalism in the name of Islam were only [due to an incorrect] understanding by some groups,” he added.

During his visit to Indonesia, King Salman witnessed the signing of 11 agreements involving investment in various sectors, including security, health, culture, education, trade, investment, agriculture, fisheries, small and medium enterprises, civil aviation and religious cooperation.

The king and his entourage left Jakarta for a weeklong holiday in Bali on Saturday. The royal delegation has booked five hotels and 300 luxury cars for the duration of the king’s stay on the island.

Source: jakartaglobe.id

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