Dubai’s crown prince Hamdan just released an app … about himself – Photo

Ever wondered what your favorite Crown Price of Dubai is doing at all moments of the day, in a totally non-stalkerish way?

Well, do we have the app for you!

Prince Hamdan has just released a mobile application that features sightings and news of him while out, and also gives basic information about him.

It’s aptly (pun intended) called “Hamdan“.


The application’s description states it is “designed to enable a large segment of the public immediate access to the private content of news and directives and decisions of his through the latest means of communication in support for multimedia.”

The question to ask yourself right now is not why, but rather why not?

Prince Hamdan, aka Fazza, has shown us many times that he’s a really cool person to follow on social media.

Here’s why.

The time he took a selfie with Dubai’s epic fog

And all the times he showed his love for animals

Or just showed us the city from a new perspective

Life father, like son

Who wouldn’t want an app all about Sheikh Hamdan?


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