US President violates international rights

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Consular, Parliamentary and Iranian Affairs Hassan Ghashghavi made the remark in response to the recent executive order signed by US President Donald Trump that puts restrictions and imposes discriminatory treatment on Iranian nationals who wish to travel to the US.

“We will take reciprocal measures in response to this move by the US government on any level it may be,” he stressed.

According to Ghashghavi, about six million Iranians are living abroad whose lives will be severely affected under Trump’s order.

“So far, after the US ban, the people who travelled to the US to visit their children have been deported,” he added.

Noting that Iranians comprise the well-educated portion of the American society, he added “an office has been formed at the Foreign Ministry with cooperation from Health Ministry, Ministry of Science and Military Service that will handle the situation of the Iranian residents and students in the United States.”

“All agencies in the country have been notified to take reciprocal measures in response to the US move that bars Iranian national from entering the country,” he said, adding Iran’s diplomatic apparatus will take serious and effective decisions in this regard.


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