Dear Mexico, this is how Arabs overcome walls

The Apartheid wall. Approximately 700 kilometers long, 8 meters high. $2.1 billion invested in its construction. Residents being blocked off from freely roaming around the land, land that is no longer the land of the people.

Palestine knows what it feels like to be treated as “alien”, in the words of Donald Trump.

The Apartheid Wall in the West Bank has been around for years. We’re sorry Donald Trump sees this as an example to be followed.

But, don’t underestimate the power of the people, and of art’s ability to let you float above it. Literally.

Manifesting ladders of resistance


No wall is strong enough to hinder your pride


It’s not a fight without kites


Fight for “justice”


Resistance is music to our ears

Spray paint strong reminders of humanity

capture-jpg-700x (1)

And love

capture-jpg-700x (2)

Run … not from the wall, but for change


When they build walls, we build bridges



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