UAE: Mother leaves sleeping child in stranger’s car

A missing child has been returned to his family by the Sharjah Police following the complaint they lodged at the Al Buhairah Police Station.

The child went missing after the Arab mother left her three-year-old son in another person’s car by mistake, thinking it was her own friend’s vehicle, at the Khalid Lagoon in Sharjah Corniche. The colour and other specifications of the car matched that of her friend’s.

The two women were with their families at the Corniche garden, enjoying a day out, when the mother asked her friend if she could put her sleeping child in the back seat of her car. The friend also used the remote key to open the vehicle’s doors, and the mom put her toddler in the backseat, before returning to join the company.

When the two women returned later, they were surprised to see that the car with the child in it had disappeared. Thinking her son had been kidnapped, the mother and her friend went to Al Buhairah Police Station to report the lost child.

As the police were filing the missing person report procedures and taking the necessary steps, an Arab man arrived at the same police station, to report an anonymous child whom he found sleeping in the back seat of his car. He said he discovered the child only after returning home from the corniche.

The police reported that the mother was surprised to learn that she had left her child by mistake in the man’s car, due to its similarities with her friend’s vehicle. The two cars had also been parked next to each other at the corniche.

The Sharjah Police praised the actions of the man who found the lost child in his car and promptly brought him to the nearest police station, without creating further cause for worry. The public are urged to keep a watchful eye on their young children and keep them safe from any situation that could pose danger, such as leaving children unattended in vehicles.


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