This woman is accused of turning the Women’s March into a Sharia March

Over 1 million people walked the streets of their cities in solidarity with women, minority groups and equality in what was the largest demonstration against the new administration in American history.

But, only one of the leaders behind the massive Women’s March on Washington, is being accused of secretly leading a Sharia March.

Muslim-American co-organizer Linda Sarsour is a recipient of the “Champions of Change” award, given to her by former President Barack Obama.

She took center-stage when she stood up for all Muslims who have been subjected to spikes in hate crime, a phenomenon widely seen as having been fostered by Trump’s Islamophobic campaign.

She also made a shout out to Palestine, which has also taken a hit from Trump’s campaign. 

“I stand here before you unapologetically Muslim-American. Unapologetically Palestinian-American. Unapologetically from Brooklyn, New York,” she said during her speech at the march.

“I will respect the presidency, but I will not respect this president of the United States of America.”

Sarsour’s speech was followed by a series of trolling by right-wing Twitter users who sparked conspiracy theories of Sharia promotion.

“When the opposition including Islamophobes are flooding your timeline with hate – you know you did something right,” Sarsour punched back.

In 2012, the Muslim-American activist became the face of a debate after being appointed to a neighborhood advisory panel as members of her family were arrested, following accusations of supporting Hamas.

Sarsour denied having any contact with the group in an interview with the New York Times – where she said she never would have received a “Champion of Change” award if that were truly the case.

But, some still believe that Sarsour is “fooling” millions

They are critical of the masses applauding Sarsour

rushing aside important details …

Sarsour helped end the NYPD’s practice of “spying on Muslim American citizens,” a secretive program that came about following the Sept 11 attacks in 2001.

Sarsour also made it possible for Muslim kids to celebrate two holy holidays in New York. Mayor Bill de Balsio announced that public schools will close to celebrate Eid al Fitr and Eid al Adha.

And highlighting conspiracy theories, like index fingers …

But wait … is the index finger a sign of anything?

Oh my … it is … NOT.

Muslims have been at the center of hate crimes for decades now.

In 2016 alone, Muslims were collectively blamed for a number of terror attacks that took the lives of innocent people in Berlin, Belgium, Istanbul, Orlando among countless others.

Hate crimes against Muslims increased by 67 percent during 2015 in the United States, according to official statistics by the FBI.

Yet, Muslims who actively fight for justice get accused of links to terror groups. Muslims who remain silent get accused of not “reporting suspicious activity.”

So, what exactly do Muslims have to do to stop the hate?


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