Dubai: Man arrested for Dhs30,000 theft

The Dubai Public Prosecution referred a 22-year-old Asian, a painter’s assistant, to the Criminal Court on the charge of stealing goods valued at Dhs30,000 from a supermarket in Hor Al Anz in Dubai.

In the details, the 45-year-old supermarket manager said he had received a telephone call at 3am on Oct.11, 2016 from the security guard of the supermarket’s building informing him that the back glass of the store was broken.

He reportedly rushed to the spot and after checking, called the police.

The police found that the stolen items were valued at Dhs30,000 including Dhs4,900 in cash, 63 phone cards, 3 Nol cards, valued at Dhs5,115, and 21 mobile phones, valued at Dhs19,586.

After reviewing the surveillance cameras, it turned out that a person entered the supermarket 10 minutes before it closed, hid behind the cartons and after everybody left, he robbed the store, broke the back glass and fled.

After arresting the suspect, he confessed to theft and damaging property of others.


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