Dubai: Man who posed as a policeman to lure a woman into his car is in prison

A man who pretended to be a policeman to force a woman into his car has been found guilty of having consensual sex and jailed.

The 31-year-old Pakistani, who claimed he had never seen the Moroccan woman before, denied a charge of rape when he appeared at Dubai Criminal Court in August last year.

The woman was leaving a restaurant in Al Riqqa at nearly 10pm on April 17 when the defendant approached her in his car. He identified himself as a CID officer and asked her about a theft.

“He told me he was investigating a robbery that was carried out by a number of women and he started showing me pictures of women’s hands,” she said.

“Then he said he needed to take a picture of my hand to compare with the other images so I got into his car,” she said.

The defendant then locked the doors and drove off.

The woman said she screamed but the man gagged her, restrained and raped her.

“When he was done he dropped me off and said I can take a cab home,” said the woman, adding he also stole two phones worth Dh4,000.

The woman reported the incident to police who arrested the defendant the next day. Her phones were found in his possession.

He was charged him with posing as a CID officer to lure the woman into his car, kidnapping, raping and robbing her. He denied all charges.

“I am innocent your honour, I don’t have any connection with this woman and I only came to know her after she filed this case. I have never seen her anywhere before, ” he told judges.

The court found him guilty of impersonating a police officer and consensual sex instead of rape but acquitted him of kidnapping the woman.

He was sentenced to six months in jail to be followed by deportation.


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