Iran’s boats smuggling weapons captured everyday

Iranian boats attempting to smuggle weapons to Houthi Rebels in Yemen are being captured on a daily basis by the Arab Coalition to restore legitimacy in the war-torn country, a senior official stated recently.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa said this in a televised interview with Al Arabiyanews channel that was aired yesterday.

“Iranian boats carrying weapons and explosives to Houthi rebels are captured every day by the Coalition’s forces. Iran is supporting the rebels by supplying them with weapons,” Shaikh Khalid revealed.

 “We look for a peaceful solution for the Yemeni crisis that includes all parties. But we reject the Iranian interference. Iran is working on destabilising the security of the GCC. GCC-Iranian relations are tensed because of Tahran’s continues inference in our internal affairs,” he commented.

Speaking more on joint GCC future plans and strategies, the Minister confirmed that “no partial union will be
discussed during 37th GCC Summit”, which begins here today.

“The summit will come up with specific messages to any party that forms a threat to GCC countries,” he stated.

Shaikh Khalid also announced that “a GCC-British summit, that will attended British PM Theresa May, will also be held on the sidelines of the GCC summit.

The meetings will focus on joint work to combat terrorism and defence cooperation in GCC regional waters,” the Minister added.


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