Yemeni minister: We are considering halting UN mission after proven bias

The Yemeni government is considering not extending the UN teams’ missions in the country after they have proven their bias, Yemen’s human rights minister Mohamed Askar said on Thursday.

During a press conference in Abu Dhabi, Askar added that the government is preparing an official response to the UN’s recent report which many saw as biased in favor of the Houthi militias, and ignored a lot of the positive work that the Arab Coalition is carrying out in the country.

Askar said that that included ignoring the Houthis’ planting mines in civilian areas, and how the militias are using civilians as human shields.

He added that the report did not mention other Houthi violations, including their stealing of five bullion dollars from the country’s central bank.

Askar pointed out that the current protests sparked by the country’s living conditions are expected.

“We need more support for the government in the face of economic strife,” he said.

“There are no clean wars, and our mistakes are relatively little,” Askar added.


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