If Jordan’s Crown Prince Hussein were your friend

2016 is almost over and you still haven’t found your bae (before anyone else).

It’s kind of put you in a “forever alone” mood because you genuinely thought 2016 was going to be your year.

Don’t let any of that bring you down though. You might’ve thought that you were alone, but not if Jordan’s Prince Hussein’s by your side (or on your feed).

1. He’ll go on adventures with you

2. Play chess with you

3. Go on long bike rides with you

4. Remind you what “national pride” really means

5. And teach you how to “aim and shoot”

6. Remind you time and again that YOU can make a difference

7. And that there’s nothing wrong with showing a bit of “mama love”

8. “Family always comes first” … and that includes you

9. He’ll even share his thoughts with you

10. And listen very carefully when you need him to

Source: stepfeed.com

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