Foreign Ministry: Turkey stands by Turkmen resistance

Foreign Ministry undersecretary Ümit Yalçın has called on representatives of Turkmen communities in Iraq and Syria, saying Ankara backs their resistance.

“Your cause is ours. If we are strong here, you will be strong there too,” Yalçın said at a panel on Dec. 14 that convened representatives of Syrian and Iraqi Turkmens.

Turkmens in Syria and Iraq have been “resisting for years,” the diplomat said, adding that “Turkey stands with them in their resistance”

Both Turkey and Turkmens in neighboring countries are going through difficult times and are under “heavy attack,” Yalçın said.

“In Turkmens’ land and in Turkish territory, in our own villages and cities, Turks are being killed,” he added.

“Having these martyrs, suffering and being under continues attack consolidates our resistance and togetherness,” he stated.

Yalçın also welcomed a ceasefire in Aleppo, saying that “saving the lives of 100,000 brothers was a consolation.”

“I hope it won’t be a fragile ceasefire, but a lasting one,” he added.


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