Aleppo clown ‘killed in Syrian or Russian air strike’

Reports from Syria say a social worker known as the “Clown of Aleppo” who helped the besieged city’s children has been killed in an air strike.

Anas al-Basha was 24 and had reportedly got married just two months ago.

See video here.

Known for dressing up as a clown, he was also a centre director for Space of Hope, which tries to provide services for people in opposition areas.

According to AP he was killed in a presumed government or Russian strike on the eastern Mashhad district.

The Syrian army released a video showing its advance
towards southern areas of Aleppo after recapturing some districts.

A ground and air campaign has cut off rebels in their most important urban stronghold.

An estimated quarter of a million civilians were left with dwindling food and medical facilities.

Syria and Russia declined a request for a pause in the fighting but the UN says Moscow wants to discuss possible humanitarian corridors.

The UN says about 30,000 people are receiving aid after fleeing the city’s eastern zone in recent days. Just over half have been registered entering government-controlled areas; others went into a Kurdish zone.

The United Nations is stepping up efforts to provide aid and monitor the treatment of people fleeing.


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