Yerevan abandoned Syrian Armenians to their fate

The Armenian government is not considering the evacuation of Syrian Armenians caught under rocket attacks in Aleppo. This was stated in an interview with Radio Liberty by spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia Tigran Balayan, who also added, that upon instructions from President Serzh Sargsyan, in the coming days, two aircrafts with humanitarian aid will be sent to Syria to assist residents affected by the Syrian conflict.

It is estimated that the number of ethnic Armenians currently living in Aleppo ranges from 8 to 10 thousand.

Social networks contain a lot of criticism of the Armenian authorities, saying that instead of sending humanitarian aid, measures must be taken to evacuate Armenians living on the edge between life and death in the combat zone in Aleppo.

A resident of Aleppo Maida Bakalyan claims that the Armenian government has long had to take them out of there.

“Everyone who could, fled the city, those who stayed, barely make ends meet, and now we are deprived of even food”, – said Bakalyan.

For several nights now, residents of Aleppo cannot get a wink of sleep at night because of the rocket attacks. According to Maida Bakalyan, the day before, her neighbor was killed right before her eyes during a rocket attack. “The ceiling collapsed, Alyn died. And I was out on the balcony. God saved me yesterday”, – told the woman.

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