Saudi reiterates claims of Iran regional ‘interference’

Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Ankara on Tuesday reiterated longstanding assertions that the Iranian government was supplying Yemen’s Shia Houthi group with weapons and military experts.

In a statement, the embassy warned that the ongoing conflict in Yemen was raising “tension and instability” in the region.

Iran is maintaining its aggressive approach toward the region and continues to interfere in the domestic affairs of Arab countries, leading to a state of tension and instability,” the embassy said.

It went on to allege that Iran was “encouraging sectarianism” and working against international efforts to resolve the conflict in Yemen based on Security Council Resolution 2216.

“The chaos and instability in Yemen is a reflection of Iran’s blatant intervention in the country’s affairs,” the statement read.

“The Iranian regime has continued to support the putschists [i.e., the Houthis] with weapons, military experts and missiles,” the embassy said, blaming Iran’s alleged role in Yemen for the “tragedy the Yemeni people now face”.

The embassy went on to assert that alleged Houthi aggression near Saudi Arabia’s borders and alleged Houthi missile attacks on Saudi cities — along with ostensible threats to maritime activity — could not happen without Iran’s support and encouragement.

“The kingdom reserves the right to safeguard its sovereignty and security and calls on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities vis-à-vis Iranian efforts to sow instability in the region by behaving aggressively and intervening in other countries’ affairs,” read the statement.

Source: Anadolu

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